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Keyword Research: The Ultimate Guide for Business Owners

SEO revolves around keywords. Keyword research is a crucial part of an SEO strategy and the first step in the SEO content writing process. In this post, you will learn everything you need to know about keyword research to be able to find those ‘low-hanging fruit’ keywords you can actually rank for. 

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The Ultimate Guide to White Paper Content Marketing

You may have heard that whitepapers are good for lead generation and thought leadership, but what exactly are they, and how do you write one for your business? In this post, you’ll find out what kind of companies will benefit from white paper marketing, the different types of white papers you can publish, and some guidelines for writing one for your business.

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Technical SEO Checklist: 5 Tips to  Boost your Traffic

You are constantly creating valuable and information-packed content, following all the best practices of SEO, maybe even running outreach campaigns to build your inbound authority. And yet, your website is still not ranking. If this sounds like you, chances are you have some technical issues that are preventing your website from being crawled, indexed, and ultimately, ranked. Continue reading


Content Marketing Strategy for Legal Service Providers 

If there is one industry that has mastered the skill of persuasive verbal expression to its fullest, it is undoubtedly law. However, there is one area where law firms failed to harness this power, and that neglected area is content marketing.According to the most recent Tech Report of the American Bar Association, only 15 % of solo attorneys and 25 % of law firms incorporate blogging into their business strategy. Continue reading


How Do Bloggers Get Paid: 10 Monetization Strategies That Work For Every Niche.

There is so much content floating around on the web. You can google the most obscure topic and get served at least a couple dozens of blog posts discussing all of its ins and outs. Naturally, it begs a question: how do bloggers actually get paid? There is no way all these people are cranking out all of this content for free… Continue reading.


Guide: How to Open a Bank Account in the Bahamas.

45 minutes from Miami sits the Bahamas. 700 little islands, on the same timezone as New York. It’s dotted with bankers from old aristocratic families with wildly interesting backgrounds. People here understand the offshore and they have seen everything.

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Need Help Coping with Anxiety? Follow the Psychologist’s Advice.

You know that feeling: your chest tightens, your heartbeat quickens, your breathing gets faster and shallower… That’s anxiety, and these reactions are some of its physical symptoms. Mentally, you also become more alert and aware of what’s happening around you, your mind being stormed by a hovercraft of racing thoughts. Continue reading


The Most Underrated Parenting Skill

“Say ‘I’m sorry,” we tell our kids when they take what’s not theirs, push their sibling, or commit any other transgression as they are learning to respect others’ possessions and personal space. As parents, however, we are not as eager to utter those magical words. We wrongly believe that apologizing will undermine our parental authority and our children’s admiration for us. Continue reading