How to Write Blog Posts 2X Faster without Sacrificing Quality.

Wanna learn how to write blog posts fast without compromising quality? In this quick post, I will share my top 3 tips that will help you expedite the process!

How long would it take to write a 1000-word blog post? Ask around and you will get a wide array of answers ranging from 30 minutes to several hours, sometimes stretched out over several days.

Obviously, the time it takes to write 1000 words of blog content depends on a wide range of factors including your expertise on the subject matter, your typing speed, your level of perfectionism…

But here is the thing. Any blogger who says it would take them 30 – 60 minutes to crank out 1000 words of coherent and engaging blog content is either bluffing or has some serious content writing experience up their sleeve. If it’s the latter, they know how to approach the task in the most efficient way possible.

Does that sound like the skill you could do with? Then, keep reading to find out how to write blog posts 2X faster without sacrificing quality.

Flesh out your post outline.

Outline is the conceptual framework of any high-performing, compelling to read, and information-packed blog post. The purpose of the outline is to keep you focused on making your points/arguments and prevent you from dwindling away into tangential issues.

Here is a helpful tip for mapping out an SEO-friendly blog post outline. Power up any keyword research tool and type in your target keyword into the search bar. For demonstration purposes, I will use Ahrefs Keyword Explorer tool and the keyword ‘Vitamin B’. Go to the ‘Questions’ report and you will see a list of questions people type into the search bar when they search with this keyword. You can use these questions to flesh out your outline and optimize your post for search visibility.

Research. Then write.

Unlike with speaking, expressing your thoughts eloquently and concisely in writing does not flow naturally. When we speak naturally, we tend to formulate our ideas in the process. Sometimes, we don’t even know what we think or how we feel about something until we say it! 

When it comes to writing, however, it is the exact opposite. We need to fully develop our ideas to be able to effectively and eloquently encapsulate them in words. If you want to write blog posts faster, make sure you are sufficiently well-versed in the topic before you start writing. 

Do not research as you write. Do it separately,  flesh out your ideas/arguments, and collect supporting evidence. Use tools such as Delicious, Kippt, Diigo or help you collate all of that in one place for future reference and fact-checking. Only once you have enough information should you put your digital pen to the task.

Don’t be a perfectionist.

As mentioned earlier, writing is not a natural mode of self-expression for most people. After all, the majority of our communication happens via speech. As such, it is extremely difficult, though tempting, to try and come up with perfectly balanced soundbites at the first attempt.

If you want to write blog posts faster, you should resist this temptation and focus on simply getting out your thoughts onto the digital paper. Once you’ve said everything you wanted to say – however awkward and inelegant it might be – take a break and come back later to refine your article.

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